Family Picture

Family Picture

Monday, September 15, 2014

oh no you didn't

Oh yes you did.

I encountered 2 different people this past week that thought it kind to tell me they never thought I would be the child to live a life in ministry.

To which i smiled.
Laughed to myself, because i too never thought it would be my life.
And moved along.

So to everyone this Monday morning punching fear in the face.
Charting a course unknown.
And doing all God has called you to do with people on the sidelines cheering you on or people scowling wondering why you're even in the race.

Carry on people.
Keep your head up with who God has called you to be
Push the anxiety aside.
And know we only have an audience of One. Jesus.

And if someone merely wants to stand on the sidelines to cheer or stand on the sidelines and scowl, this is for sure, you won't ever find me on the sidelines. 

Stay in the race brave ones.

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