Family Picture

Family Picture

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This Christmas

Jocelyn and I have been playing Skip Bo a lot lately. At least 2-3 games a night. Judah is usually building legos close by or making blow up noises with his fake guns. Jason is grading papers or reading comic books. We are all in the same room. Together. Yet busy doing our own thing.

Last night I gave Judah the Jesus calling book for Kids and had him read to us the story of Jesus being born.
He started reading and the skip bo game continued and Jason continued grading.

Slowly. As the story unfolded.
As this story of Mary finding a place in the hay came to life.
As Joseph named the son of God, Jesus.
As Mary held her son who would save the world.
As Jesus cried his first cry.

As words were read the skip bo game slowly stopped...
Jason took his eyes off his computer...
And we all seemed so captivated in the moment.  In Judah reading the story that changed our lives forever.
The birth of our Savior.

I've been wanting a moment where we can all sit in awe of what it really means that day we celebrate Jesus being born. It's so much more than gifts. Our world can be downright overwhelming and ugly. The world this baby came to save often seems like it doesn't recognize it's King.
Deep down i longed for us to remember and wonder what that night would have been like. To watch Mary and Joseph bring Jesus into this world as a human.
The wonder as a child i remember so beautifully.
I desperately wanted my children to see in amazement all that went on and wonder "how and why did God chose this way to save us".

Why was a baby born a king mom?
Why did we need a Savior?
Wasn't Mary so young?
Wasn't Mary so scared, Mom?

All those questions as kids we wonder and ask. I wanted my kids to wonder. To ask. To dig deep and ponder all their parents believe. All they believe.

Christmas is a time to wonder.  Its a beautiful time to ask questions.
Yet often my only answer is a smile.
Other times my answer is "did you feel that? Did you feel those chills when you said the name of Jesus? Did you feel the Joy rise up when Judah read that Jesus had his first cry? Thats it! Thats Christmas. Thats Jesus! He is alive. He is real. He is here. He is God with us. Immanuel."

I pray this Christmas finds you in the midst of your everyday life and you have a moment to stop and remember all Jesus is to us. To your family and friends. And to this world he so longs to be in relationship with.

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